Baytekin (Turkish Flash Gordon)

Neon Harbor'ın yeni videosu Baytekin Fezada Çarpışanlar (Turkish Flash Gordon) hakkında!

Who is Metin Serezli ?

Engin Sahin Works prepared an info-article about Metin Serezli

The History of Golden Boll Film Festival

The Golden Boll Film Festival began life in 1969 as a joint initiative of the Municipality of Adana and Adana Film Club

Attack of the vampires in Turkey’s popular culture

Vampires in Turkish pop culture may have stayed silent for too long, but they seem to be rising from the dead in the last couple of years. A new movie released is a good exemple of a Turkish vampire movie. ‘Laz Vampir: Tirakula,’ is a jumble of historical occurrences.

Remake Remix Ripoff : Turkish Copy Culture Cinema

Turkey in the 1960s and 1970s was one of the biggest producers of film in the world even though its film industry, Yesilçam, didn’t have enough written material to start with.

Who is Tarık Akan ?

a short biography about Turkish Actor Tarık Akan

Turkish Cinema from An american Perspective with Geno Cuddy – Ep01: Dunyayi Kurtaran...

Turkish Cinema from an American Perspective. Episode 1: Dunyayı Kurtaran Adam (Turkish Star Wars). Video and Transcript

Interview with The Arkham Film Society’s Joshua Thomas Gravel

The Arkham Film Society presents 3 DEV Adam on 19 MAY 2014. We chat with Joshua Thomas Gravel from The Arkham Film Society about their interest in Turkish cinema!

The Arkham Film Society presents 3 DEV Adam! (19 MAY 2014)

The Arkham Film Society presents 3 DEV Adam Monday May 19 8:00pm $5.00 - Empire Black Box Upstairs 95 Empire street, Providence, RI

Google honors cult Turkish movie series ‘Hababam Sınıfı’

Google has once more struck the chords of nostalgia by digging deep into Turkey’s popular culture and commemorating the cult 1970s series “Hababam Sınıfı” with a doodle of the search engine’s Turkish page to mark the 85th birthday of late director Ertem Eğilmez.