Yılmaz Güney to be remembered at TIFF

The films in which Yılmaz Güney worked as a producer, director, scriptwriter or actor between 1968 and 1982 will be screened at the events. The films include “Umut” (Hope), “Sürü” (The Herd), “Yol” (The Road), “Zavallılar” (The Poor People), “Ağıt” (Elegy), “Seyit Han,” “Aç Kurtlar “(Hungry Wolves) and “Arkadaş” (Friend).

Fetih 1453 movie trailer stirs up Greece

A trailer for the upcoming Turkish movie "Fetih 1453" (Conquest 1453) angered Greek viewers after it was released in Turkey’s Aegean neighbor

Gül Hasan (Hasan the Rose) finds its belated audience

Acclaimed Turkish actor Tuncel Kurtiz’s directorial debut of three decades back finally finds an audience thanks to the recent Festival On Wheels. ‘Gül Hasan’ (Hasan the Rose) of 1979 might just be the first example of Turkey’s immigrant cinema.

Turkey’s master film director director Lütfi Akad dies at 95

Turkish cinema’s master director Ömer Lütfi Akad died Saturday at the age of 95. Directing more than 100 masterpieces in Turkish cinema, Akad also wrote articles on theater and cinema and served as a lecturer at Istanbul Mİmar Sinan Fine Arts University for 20 years.

Yesilcam movies to become HD quality

Ertem Eğilmez’s cult Turkish movies, such as Çöpçüler Kralı, Slako and Kibr Feyzo, will become HD quality with the support of Nizam Eren Company, Vipsaş Studios and Arzu Film.