Students of ‘Hababam Sınıfı’ come together

HababamHababam Sınıfı (The Chaos Class), one of the best-known Turkish comedy film series, celebrated its 40th anniversary on Jan. 4 as part of events titled “Respect for Yeşilçam.”

“Audiences loved these films so much that they still watch it. Actors in the film were young at that time and the filmmakers are unforgettable people,” said Halit Akçatepe, one of the actors in the famous series, adding that the films had been drawing interest for the past four decades.

Other surviving actors like Tuncay Akça, Cafer Dere, Mehmet Çatay, Ercan Gezmiş, Tayfun Akalın and Ahmet Arıman also attended the event.

Serkan Okay, chairman of the Istanbul Classic Automobile Association (IKOD), which organized the evening, said everyone had a dream of being part of “Hababam Sınıfı.”

“This is because there is perfect friendship in this class. We also commemorate the unforgettable stars in the film, Kemal Sunal and Adile Naşit,” Okay said. Sunal, who was arguably Turkey’s most beloved comedian of all time, died of a heart attack in 2000. Following the speeches, the actors were brought to the Adile Sultan Qasr, where the film was shot.


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