Cüneyt Arkın – Malkoçoğlu The Turk That Made Europe Shiver With Fright (1966)


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After a series of translations, I decided to write my own first article in English about Malkoçoğlu, a movie that became a breakthrough for Cüneyt Arkın and that was directed by Süreyya Duru and Remzi Jöntürk.

On our site, a very few articles were written about historical comic strips and movies but only one article was written about the Malkoçoğlu series: Malkoçoğlu Ölüm Fedaileri 1971. Therefore I decided to return to the origins, i.e. from the very beginning, Namely; 1966.

The film is based on the comic strip of the same name by Ayhan Başoğlu, who was not only the author but also the screenwriter with Remzi Jöntürk. Cüneyt Arkın was chosen for the main role, at that time he played exclusively romantic heroes. He claimed another historical film Karaoğlan in 1965, which was directed by another comic book author Suat Yalaz that he refused. Arkın said: “Your character is not suitable for filming“. Instead, Kartal Tibet was chosen for the lead male role in this film. Cüneyt Arkın spent six months practicing acrobatic stunts and horse riding in Medrano Circus.

The Plot:

Beluşi (Gulbin Eray) and Mehmet Paşa (Toron Karacaoğlu)

The film begins with the death of the Serbian King Banković followed by a meeting to decide who will be the next king. Lazar (Semih Sergen) claims the throne. During a religious ceremony, Alyoşa (Remzi Jöntürk) informs Greguvar (Kayhan Yıldızoğlu) about rumors that Princess İlona (Selma Güneri) will marry the King of Hungary but he rejects it. Lazar declares himself King of Serbia.

Meanwhile, in the Ottoman Empire, the news about King Banković’s death was reported to the Sultan who decided to send a man, a rider named Malkoçoğlu. After that Mehmet Paşa (Toron Karacaoğlu) informs Beluşi (Gulbin Eray) and he gives her a message to convey to İshak Paşa.

Malkoçoğlu Cüneyt Arkın - Malkoçoğlu The Turk That Made Europe Shiver With Fright(1966) - Author: Anna Järvinen Yeşilçam and Turkish Cinema in English

In the tavern «Cerna Cvet» where Malkoçoğlu is having dinner, one of the visitors stuck to İlona and Malkoçoğlu fights for them. Beluşi tells him about Lazar, who has become the king and wants to attack the Ottoman Empire.

Malkoçoğlu delivers a message to Queen İren meanwhile he arrived at the palace but he discovers the wounded Ejder and he says that Beluşi and Lazar imprisoned Princess İlona along with her mother. Malkoçoğlu decided to take revenge.

So Malkoçoğlu‘s Vendetta and his fight for the the Ottoman Empire begins…

Malkoçoğlu The Turk That Made Europe Shiver With Fright

The main charachter Malkoçoğlu is portrayed by Cüneyt Arkın who proved himself as an actor with a fighting skills. In the first scene Cüneyt had mustache, matching the original comic book character but in the second and subsequent scenes he shaved off. Prenses İlona is portrayed by Selma Güneri, for whom this film became one of the first roles in her career. Ejder is portrayed by Yılmaz Köksal who was funny and resourceful and who played the same role in the second film Malkoçoğlu Krallara Karşı.

Thanks to its commercial success, Cüneyt Arkın became famous all over the country after a series of romantic films. He played the character of Malkoçoğlu in the sequels and also starred in other historical films including Battal Gazi and Kara Murat. Toron Karacaoğlu not only dubbed Cüneyt Arkın in Malkoçoğlu but simultaneously played the role of Mehmet Paşa. Finally this film is one of the few acting roles for Remzi Jöntürk who wrote the screenplay and later directed the next five films.

For 6 years, six sequels have been filmed about Malkoçoğlu, we wrote about one of them Malkoçoğlu Ölüm Fedaileri in a separate article. The first movie became successful not only in Turkey but also in the Middle East, especially in Iran where the fans called him Fahrettin, which is Cüneyt Arkın’s real name. The following four films of Malkoçoğlu were dubbed in Persian but the fifth and sixth films (Malkoçoğlu Cem Sultan and Malkoçoğlu Ölüm Fedaileri) were filmed starring partially Iranian actors.

If you want to watch an old film from the Yeşilçam era, especially a historical one, then Malkoçoğlu will be a suitable choice.

Author: Anna Järvinen

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