Aram Gülyüz has died in Istanbul at the age of 87


Turkish-Armenian director Aram Gülyüz has died in Istanbul at the age of 87.

Aram Gülyüz was born in 1931 in the city’s Sisli district, Istanbul. Gulyuz  received his education in the United Kingdom and later also in South Korea.

Aram Gülyüz has a blind eye. The famous director-scriptwriter and producer Aram Gülyüz, one of the unforgettable names of Turkish cinema, left at the age of 89. He was of Armenian origin. After completing college he went to England. Electric and Musical Industries Ltd. (EMI) in London.

When English profesionals were asked if they wanted to go to Korea at the time of military service, 1954-1955, he met Halit Refiğ, who served as his military officer as deputy director. Aram Gülyüz, who served as British Airways official when returning from the military (British Airways), joined the movie as a producer by establishing Metro Film 1958 with the encouragement of Halit Refiğ. In his own company, he made the first Turkish-German co-production “Istanbul Adventure” film.

In 1960, he directed and directed the scriptwriter “Sensiz Yıllar”, which he wrote and produced for his manuscript. In this movie Metin Serezli

Remzi Jöntürk, director of the movie “Aphrodite”, played by Banu Alkan and Salih Güney 1987, is the producer of a traffic accident that ends with Halis Şenol, producer [19659004] In 1963, “Temem Bilakis” is a very important achievement for the film Aram Gülyüz, with Öztürk Serengil, Çolpan Ilhan, Ismail Dumbululu and Suzan Avci in 1963.

In the 70’s, he produced erotic films such as “Hasan Almaz, Basan Alır “with starring Feri Cansel, Mete İnselel and Salih Güney, who played in the movie” My movies were like obscene fools, not pornographic! ”

Türker Inanoglu’s “Sweet Fools” was called.

In the series, Mehmet Ali played Erbil, Yalçın Menteş, Buket Dereoglu, Dursun Ali Sarioglu, Ismet Ay, Erol Günaydın, Pelin Körmükçü and Kayhan Yıldızoglu.
Gürgen Öz, Sedas minister, Mustafa Uzunyılmaz, Zihni Göktay participated in the film “Zaman Makinesi 1973”, which he instructed in 2014.

Aram Gülyüz married the ballerina Gönül Gülyüz in 1965.