The Arkham Film Society presents 3 DEV Adam! (19 MAY 2014)

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The Arkham Film Society is a group of Rhode Island based film enthusiasts dedicated to spreading their love of cult, horror, and exploitation films through public screenings of both new independent films and classic repertory films.

The Arkham Film Society presents 3 DEV Adam!
Come on out and join us as we take the film programming back to Turkey and present one of the strangest cult films ever conceived 3 DEV ADAM. This time the fine folks of the Turkish film industry have taken the time to come up with their own story but have borrowed all the characters, come to the Black Box to see as Santo teams up with Captain America to fight an evil crime lord… Spider Man!

Monday May 19
8:00pm $5.00
Empire Black Box Upstairs
95 Empire street,
Providence, RI

Due to the rarity of this film this is not one of our 16mm screenings but more of those will be coming soon. Keep an eye out for more screening announcements.

Sinematik Yeşilçam

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