Kartal Tibet & Filiz Akın – Fadime (1970)

Filiz Akın & Kartal Tibet – Fadime (1970)
  • Director : Türker İnanoğlu
  • Written by : Fuat Özlüer
  • Year : 1970
  • Cinematography : Çetin Gürtop
  • Music : Metin Bükey
  • Starring :
  • Kartal Tibet, Filiz Akın,
  • Cihangir Gaffari, Mansur Sepehrnia,
  • Mohammad Motesvaselani, Garshasb Raufi
  • Cevat Kurtuluş, Sevgi Can,
  • Gülgün Erdem, Sevda Nur,
  • Mualla Sürer, Necdet Tosun
  • Studio : Erler Film (Türker İnanoğlu)

Fadime is one of my favourite movies, which was directed and produced by Türker İnanoğlu, starring Filiz Akın and Kartal Tibet. They had already starred in the same movies produced by different companies: Sefiller, Paşa Kızı, Benim de Kalbim Var, Aşka Tövbe, Hırsız Kız, Dağlar Kızı Reyhan, Cilveli Kiz, İşpostacı Kız, Beyaz Güller, Ömrümce Unutamadım and Zambaklar Açarken.

Almost all their films were produced by Erler Film. You can find an article in our site about one of them Benim de Kalbim Var. The film is a co production with Iran. In those days it was a common thing between Turkish and Persian cinemas. Besides that Filiz Akın played in a few co-production films like İşportacı Kız, Hırsız Kız, Güzel Şoför, İki Esir and Saadet Şehri. However, the Turkish copies of Hırsız Kız and Saadet Şehri (in Iran released as Mah-pishooni) are still not found.

The film begins with performance of orphan Fadime (Filiz Akın) and her three friends Ömer, Ali and Veli (Mansour Sepehrnia, Mohammad Motesvaselani, Garshasb Raufi). They earn their money by playin’ music, sometimes like buskers. However, the business doesn’t bring enough income so they owe everyone. Even the landlord fired them and they become homeless.

In movie Fadime saws a dream, where she lives like a great sultan and sees a prince. The boat is sailing and the rich man Erol (Kartal Tibet) controls it. Meanwhile, there is a robbery in his office.

The robbed place was Erol’s workplace and Faruk (Cihangir Gaffari), who is a friend, has organized this heist. The four friends, who survived poverty, were happy to see a bag full of money. Now they decide to live their own dream. They celebrate in the night club, where she meets with Erol. She is now rich and asks him to work as a butler and Erol agrees. However, Faruk and his henchmen don’t let them go. Robbers kidnap Ömer, Ali and Veli but they don’t say where the money is. Fadime sets them free.

Than after some event, Faruk, who is on trial for robbing a factory, tries to blame Fadime, denying everything. In the courtroom, the whole truth is revealed, that Erol isn’t a butler but he is the owner of the robbed factory. This surprise doesn’t last long, everything will connect and for Fadime, Erol and the others begins a happy life.

Fadime turns out to be incredible with elements of a romantic comedy. Also there are some action scenes. The film is one of a few in Filiz Akın’s career where she is the main heroine in the foreground, despite that Kartal Tibet was credited in the poster as first. She played a street musician, who becomes a rich princess. In the first scenes she is resourceful and funny but when she becomes rich, she turns to be calm and lovely. She played the same characters in Hırsız Kız, Cilveli Kiz and İşportaci Kız.

Erol is played by Kartal Tibet, was on the side of the character who is fell in love with her. In a few scenes he was even puzzled and can switch to a poor guy. Faruk is portrayed by Cihangir Gaffari, was serious, beautiful and sensitive and Toron Karacaoğlu’s voice was perfectly for that role. Fadime is one of the few Turkish movies where Cihangir acts as the main villain.

Fadime’s friends Ömer, Ali and Veli are portrayed by famous Iranian actors Mansour Sepehrnia, Mohammad Motesvaselani and Garshasb Raufi. According to Mansur Sepehrnia’s memories, he said that Turkey was destitute at that time, even to the point where they took outfits from some of the poor in Iran. These characters starred in another co production film Ölüm Fermanı which released in the same year, directed by Kemal Kan and produced by Topkapı Film.

The music for this movie was composed by Metin Bükey. The title song performed by Belkıs Özener, the famous singer at that time. In some movies Belkıs Özener lent her voice to other actresses, besides Türkan Şoray. In the night club scene where Ömer, Ali and Veli have dates with robbers Santana’s song «Jingo» is played. In the scene where Ömer, Ali, Veli and robbers dancing tango sounds a famous tango song «La Cumparsita».

Fadime was released as separate film in Turkey. In Iran it is released as In gorooh-e zebel and was focused on comedy trio (Mansour, Mohammad and Garshasb), and the villain is played by Cihangir Gaffari. In Iranian version of film, Fadime’s storyline becomes secondary. Filiz Akın, Kartal Tibet and Cihangir Gaffari later starred together in the another co production film İşportacı Kız, which released in the same year. In the following year was released a sequel named Fadime Cambazhane Gülü with same character, but with another cast. Both films was directed by Türker İnanoğlu.

I would like to thank my Iranian colleague Ali Rajabifar for his help in obtaining information about filming.

If you want watching an old, but comedy movie, them Fadime will be interesting and exciting. Pleasant viewing!!

Author: Anna Järvinen – Kartal Tibet & Filiz Akın – Fadime (1970)

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